Dead bodies found in the north-west of Yebawkya village, Maungtaw township, Northern Rakhine State

Dead bodies found in the north-west of Yebawkya village, Maungtaw township , Northern Rakhine State

Dead bodies were discovered buried in the earth pit, 1200 meter away in the north-west of Yebawkya village, Maungtaw township at 11:05 am on 24 September.

According to a villager of Hindu faith, a resident of Yebawkya village, who, nevertheless, was now in neighboring country made a contact by phone to U Ni Mal (a leader in helping Hindu people), a resident of 4 mile Maungtaw, now displaced to Sittway due to ARSA terrorist attacks, informing that about 300 ARSA terrorists had arrested and took away about 100 men and women of Yebawkya village on 25 August and at about 1000 meter in the west of the village the ARSA terrorists killed the villagers except 8 women who were forced-to covert to Islam and brought to Bengladesh.

He was currently staying at the house of a Hindu in Kutupalong refugee camp in Bengladesh, it was informed.

To confirm the information, the responsible group including U Ni Mal, U Shwe Ni, 3 villagers from Khamoungseik village and 4 villagers from Tamanthar village set out to Yebawkya village at 7 am on 24th September.
They were searching around the area in separate groups and found the suspicious ground condition and offensive smell at about 1200 meters sin the north-west of Yebawkya village.

They dug up the earth to discover two pits, each having 13ft. x 13 ft. and 10 ft apart from each other.

When they dug up the first pit at 11.30am 3 corpses were disinterred and 8 more corpses at 2pm and another corpse at 2.20 pm, altogether 12 bodies in total were discovered. Digging continued to 2nd pit at 2.30pm dead bodies of 6 boys under 10 years of age, 2 bodies of male under 16 years of age, 8 bodies of women above 16 years of age, 16 corpses in total were disinterred.

In total 28 dead bodies — 8 males and 20 females — were discovered yesterday. Necessary investigation will be done and more searches also will be continued.


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