Press Release

  1. A resolution on the situation of human rights in Myanmar tabled by European Union was adopted today at the 28th session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland.
  1. The resolution does not adequately and objectively reflect and apprise of the efforts and achievements in promoting and protecting of human rights of the people of Myanmar. In addition to this drawback, some facts amount to infringing on the sovereignty and interfering in the internal affairs of Myanmar. It includes criticizing and prejudging the holding and the outcome of upcoming general elections, turning a blind eye on the efforts being made for a free, fair and transparent election. It also contains a terminology which is not accepted by the nation and its entire people. It is also learnt that expressions on Myanmar’s cooperation with the United Nations agencies and the international humanitarian community are misleading.
  1. Against this backdrop, the Permanent Representative and Ambassador of Myanmar to the United Nations Office and other International Organizations in Geneva made a statement before the adoption of the said resolution. The statement rejects, reserves and clarifies Myanmar’s position on the paragraphs in which the above-mentioned facts were included. In addition, the Ambassador stated clearly that Myanmar dissociates itself from the entire resolution.
  1. As Myanmar is in the fourth year of implementing political, socio-economic and administrative reforms, visible progresses have already been achieved. At the same time, Myanmar has been striving to overcome the challenges common to a young democracy. At this critical juncture, only constructive contributions and advices should be made for further progress towards reaching the goal of the whole process rather than focusing and criticizing on some incidents.
  1. Myanmar will maintain its efforts in promoting and protecting of human rights of its people. In so doing, cooperation with friendly nations and the international organizations which support Myanmar with constructive views will be continued.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Nay Pyi Taw
Dated: 27 March 2015